A copy of my résumé can also be downloaded in .doc format here.


Full Sail University, July 2006 – June 2008
Bachelor of Science in Video Game Design and Development
-- Highest Global Professionalism Standard in graduating class

Anne Arundel Community College, January 2010 – Present
Non-Degree Seeking in Italian and Art


X86 Assembly
Actionscript 3.0
VisualBasic (.NET)




Visual Studio.NET
Eclipse HELIOS
HAM Gameboy Devkit

Tortoise SVN

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project

Adobe Photoshop (7 - CS5)
Adobe Illustrator (CS3, CS5)
Adobe Flash (CS4)
Maya (6 & 7)


AACC Bookstore for Android, November 2010 – Present
As lead designer and developer, I was in charge of the coding as well as the aesthetics, usability and QA. At points I did oversee individual contributers and did paperwork necessary to manage the team, divvy tasks and stay on schedule. I also made all promotional material and submission requirements for the NACS College Store of 2015 Grant.

Particle Panic!, January 2008 – June 2008
As Asset Lead for Particle Panic!, I was in charge of building a team of visual and audial artists, keeping them on schedule and making sure their work kept in line with our vision. I provided the concept art and wrote a large portion of our publishing and production documentation. In game, I handled the HUD, player feedback and asset integration, as well as some minor bug testing and QA.

8-Bit Glory, June 2007 – July 2007
8-Bit Glory was the first ‘team’ built game I worked on, providing the animation engine, 2D collision, HUD and bitmap font engine. I was also in charge of translating the game into two languages and changing pre-existing code to accept non-Western characters. I edited the design documentation for style consistency, grammar and punctuation.

Sabrous MUD, 2003 – 2005
In both incarnations of this MUD, I was a beta tester, focused on exploring new areas and finding glitches, typos, and faulty mob AI and attributes. I also tested a good number of negative status items and helped to fine-tune the effects of spells and skills in-game.


Anne Arundel Community College, October 2010 – Present
Currently, I work as AACC Bookstore's in-house developer and web tech, updating the website, taking photos of new products, updating the social media outlets and programming bookstore-centric apps. While working with AACC Bookstore, I fulfilled their requirements for the NACS College Store of 2015 Grant and presented at on a panel about it at CAMEX 2011.

FutureCare, October 2009 – Present
I worked as a housekeeping aide, concerning myself with cleaning and resident morale boosting.

China Chef, August 2008 – April 2009
In addition to waiting, hosting and delivering, I was in charge of nightly closing duties including paperwork, tip distribution and deposits.

Waldenbooks, October 2008 – January 2009
I worked at a remote kiosk as a keyholder, opening and closing, doing daily and weekly paperwork, sales transactions and deposits.

Full Sail University, March 2008 – June 2008
For the last few months of my studies, I worked at my school as an Open Lab Specialist. I set and maintained hours of operation, was in charge of keeping the room locked when not in use and helped students when necessary.

Crown Theatres, December 2005 – June 2006
I worked in the box office and concession stand, helped to train new employees and did nightly inventory counts.