Here you will find various examples of projects I have authored or worked on, both complete and abandoned. Many older examples were made for school and have not been finished after their deadline was reached. Some may have select pieces of code provided, most will have downloads available, and all have a brief description of the project and what went into its construction. Some projects may have documentation examples, concept art and other extra information, which can be found linked within its sub-page. All files are guaranteed virus-free, though some may have bugs that result in self-termination.

Flash Applications

QnD Pong
A simple version of Pong made as a warm-up and AS3 example. [code not provided] [Last updated: 2010.06.29]
QnD Space Invaders
A simple Space Invaders style game testing out more complex game logic and other AS3 experiments. [code not provided] [Last updated: 2010.07.01]
Particle Panic! Flash
A very CPU intensive example of Papervision3D's Phong shader using Particle Panic! assets. Camera view can be changed by clicking and dragging the mouse. [code not provided] [CPU intensive] [Last updated: 2010.09.22]

Console Applications

RPG Item Shop
A typical RPG item shop driven by an item.shp file that fills the inventory according to its contents. Buying, selling, ordering and weight/cash limitation.[code not provided] [Last updated: c. 2006]
The childhood game of Simon adapated and brought to a PC environment. Includes colour changing between 'lit buttons.'[code not provided] [Last updated: c. 2006]
Word Twist
A dictionary-file run game that scrambles the letters of a six letter word and allows as many guesses in 60 seconds as possible to the different words that can be made from the letters.[code not provided] [Last updated: c. 2006]

Win32 Applications

Union Jack
During our introduction to the pen and brush tools in Windows Programming, we were given the task of 'drawing' a flag in code. This was the result of my efforts. [OnPaint() provided] [Last updated: c. 2007]
Homer Simpson
Having finished my Union Jack in record breaking time, I was sent on a slightly more difficult path to doing a Homer Simpson using only pens, brushes and ellipses. Not too shabby. [OnPaint() provided] [Last updated: c. 2007]
Three Man's Morris
My first win32 game completed was three man's morris, or tic-tac-toe. Features include customizing colours, win, lose and tie conditions, saving and loading functionality and cursor-changing between turns. [code not provided] [Last updated: c. 2007]
Dr. R's Pong-O-Matic
A more ambitious game than tic-tac-toe, this is a Sonic-themed recreation of pong. Features generic AI, single, multi- and no-player modes, saving and loading and of course, sonic and knuckles. [code not provided] [CPU intensive] [Last updated: c. 2007]

DirectX Applications

DirectX Knuckles Sprite Test
Knuckles on parade! Coming out of making the pong game, I had to see what animating a simple sprite test in DirectX would be like, and since I already had the sheets for our favourite echidna, I couldn't resist using him. [code not provided] [Last updated: c. 2007]
One of a few overly ambitious projects I started and did not properly finish for SGD. This began life as a Kid Icarus version of Space Invaders but barely made it off the ground, so to speak. [code not provided] [Last updated: May 2007]
Zombie Nation
Rather than make the Asteroids clone I was assigned, I bit off much more than I could chew with this platformer. I spent majority of my time working on getting workable collision and it met the two week deadline as a mere tech demo. [code not provided] [Featured build May 2007]
8-Bit Glory
My first team project and a very valuable learning experience. We had a lot to accomplish and only two months to do it in. While it did not end up as complex as we had initially planned, and still a little buggy, it was a good effort and taught me much. [code not provided] [tool included] [Last updated: July 2007]
Particle Panic!
My final project for my stay at Full Sail U., Particle Panic! was where I was able to truly explore aspects of game design that I enjoyed and found my love of HUD and UI programming. [code not provided] [Last updated: June 2008]