Here you'll find a sampling of my artwork, both my native 2D and limited 3D. I am untrained, save for a few classes in high school, but I constantly strive to better my art. Further examples can be provided if there is something in specific you would like to see and is not uploaded here.

3D Rendering
My 3D modelling skills are not very well developed, though I am eager to learn more. I took one class during my stay at Full Sail University in 3D Content Creation, where I would end up modelling a few simple projects that you can view and download here.

At present, I am offering my files for download, as I do not own a functioning copy of Maya to make proper moving examples or take screenshots of my existing work.

X and Zero
An articulated, ready-to-move model of X that I modelled for 3DCC. It was my first foray into human-like, moveable models and is untextured (hence the hideous vert coloring). I then tweaked it a bit to be a serviceable Zero model with equally hideous vert coloring.

Digital Art
I can and have used a variety of programs in my digital career, the products of which will be stashed here. For majority of my in-game artwork and concept art, see the game dev section, and only undocumented concept work will go here.
Traditional Art
I am most comfortable and more versatile in my artwork when it comes to traditional media. I work mostly in pen, ink, marker and coloured pencil, but I also enjoy doing watercolour and oil paintings and the occasional ebony pencil portrait.
Comic Art
Since childhood, I have had an interest in comic book creation. Throughout the years, I've made several self-published works, and worked on a few fan works of pre-existing series. Further examples of my work can be provided upon request.