Flash section was added to the Code portion of the site and two new projects were added to it. It has been brought to my attention that my CSS is not playing well with Firefox, so please bear with me as I attempt to work out the kinks. If you are having display problems, try maximizing your screen or switching to a different browser (it has been successfully tested on IE and Chrome). Sorry about the inconvenience.


Galleries are getting an update over the next 24 hours or so. Each picture will have its own page with a bit more detail on when and how it was made, plus any relevant comments. New artwork will be added too, including the launch of the 'Comic' subheading. Sketches and WIPs will be posted to my Twitter now and then, so make sure you follow for the 'unpublished' stuff!


Kicking off the day with an addition of a Twitter widget to provide more up-to-date... well, updates! Various things to be added during the course of the day in each section, though mostly 'Game Dev' and 'Artwork.' Added a small list to the 'Bio' page about what I'm currently reading, playing, etc. in the event anyone is interested. Hopefully also adding to the overall beauty of the site with some graphics sometime this weekend.


'Design' section changed to 'Game Dev', Particle Panic! added. 'Illustration' changed to 'Artwork' and started up with a few samples. Twitter added to 'Contact' page. More fleshing out all around.

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